A few words about us

Established in 2005 as a Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, Quality Assurance & Risk Management Services, Inc. (QARMS) is an emerging 8(a) SDM program graduate company with a mature team, founded by former senior NASA managers and technical experts located across the USA. QARMS provides specialized engineering services to fill a critical need for pragmatic yet innovative strategies and solutions, and complex engineering and mission assurance challenges in the aerospace industries. 

To support your needs, our staff brings demonstrated understanding of NASA and rigor, as well as contributions through specialized technical assessments and studies and successful contract performance on high risk / high visibility NASA endeavors.

We have supported major weapons systems' designs and operations, including Titan I & II, MX-Peacekeeper, Trident, and Cruise Missile programs. These programs have ranged in size, content and complexity, valued from $5M to >$lB. 

Quality Assurance & Risk Management Services is positioned to provide proven and innovative solutions for achieving your goals and requirements with our flexible staffing, streamlined corporate structure, and pricing.

Our team members are located throughout the continental United States and near all NASA Centers, 

VAB-NASA Vehicle Assembly Building Photo Credit: AffirmDesign.com OSAM-1

Our Capability Statement

Practical & Innovative Solutions to Critical Aerospace Mission Assurance Challenges
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“QARMS has been instrumental in identifying cross-cutting issues … successful completion of these activities required a unique combination of space systems knowledge, space system development experience, and interpersonal communication skills. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.”

--NASA Customer

“Great work! We really appreciate all you are doing for us!! ”

--NASA Customer

“Thank you for your continued efforts, your insight into anticipating what the customer needs and being proactive about getting it done! ”

--NASA Customer